Vacation Rental Agreement

  1. This is a vacation rental agreement under the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act (VRA), the rights and obligations of the parties to this agreement are defined by the law and include unique provisions permitting the disbursement of rent prior to tenancy and expedited eviction of tenants. Your signature on this agreement, or payment of money or taking possession of the property after receipt of the agreement, is evidence of your acceptance of the
  2. Owner / Agent does NOT guarantee weather, road or ski conditions, and therefore, NO REFUNDS are given as a result of these conditions. Transportation is the sole responsibility of Less The Village of Sugar Mountain may require four-wheel drive, all- wheel drive or chains on your tires. PLEASE COME PREPARED!!
  3. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE – Check-in after 4:00 PM; Checkout by 10:00 AM. Lessee agrees to schedule arrival and departure Should tenant remain in unit beyond checkout time for any reason, a $35.00 late checkout fee will automatically be imposed until 12:00 PM, thereafter a full day rent shall be charged. Unit must be vacated when rental agreement has ended.
  4. LATE ARRIVALS – If you arrive after business hours, there is a large Late Arrival Bear located on the outside of the clubhouse entrance where you will find a late arrival packet with your name on it. You will find a map, key, and parking pass enclosed in the envelope. PLEASE CALL AHEAD IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO BE CHECKING IN
  5. RESERVATION PAYMENT & DEPOSIT – A Reservation Deposit equal to one half of the total is required to confirm a reservation or the reservation will automatically be The balance is due (15) days prior to arrival. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks.
  6. TO AVOID ADDITIONAL CLEAN UP CHARGES: Tidy up and straighten unit. Wash & replace dishes, silverware, pots and pans in proper Close windows, lock doors and turn heat to LOW setting. Take garbage to trash compactor site outside property gate. Return keys to rental office upon departure. Do not leave the keys in the unit. There is a key drop box if the office is not open. The Amenity Cards for the pool and fitness room DO STAY IN THE UNIT. Please do not return with your keys. Failure to do dishes or take out trash may result in a $30 Cleaning Fee.
  7. CANCELLATIONS – Cancellations must be received by Owner’s Agent in writing. Refunds are not given unless the rental unit is re-rented for all or part of the dates of the If the rental unit is re-rented, Lessee will receive a refund of monies paid for those nights re-rented minus a $30 cancellation fee and trip interruption insurance, if purchased.
  8. NO SHOW – The Property will be reserved by the Lessee until 12:00 PM for the day immediately following the arrival date on the front side of this If the Lessee has not checked in by this time, the Owner’s Agent shall have the right to cancel this Contract and no refund will be due. The Lessee is responsible for advising Sugar Ski & Country Club of arrivals after the start of the rental agreement.
  9. SECURITY DEPOSIT -All Reservations require either a non-refundable Security Deposit Insurance premium of $45 which covers you for up to $3000 of accidental damage insurance OR a cash security Security Deposit may be paid by personal check if received two weeks prior to your arrival. After that point, only cash or money orders are accepted. If you purchase the Security Deposit Insurance for $45, it can be charged to your credit/debit card otherwise a Security Deposit is CASH terms only and a card cannot be used. The Security Deposit (not Waiver) will be refunded, less any deductions for damages, in the form of a check payable to the Lessee 30 days after departure date.
  10. DAMAGE – Lessee accepts complete responsibility for all acts of all unit occupants, including visitors, and full responsibility for loss of any kind to the property during the Lessee’s period of Lessee authorizes Owner’s Agent to repair damage from Lessee’s misuse and to replace lost or damaged inventory and furniture items at Lessee’s expense, payable upon demand. Charges will be applied for damaged linen. IF YOU PURCHASED THE DAMAGE PROTECTION INSURANCE FOR $45, PLEASE REPORT ANY ACCIDENTAIL DAMAGE TO OFFICE SO WE MAY PROCESS YOUR CLAIM. YOU ARE COVERED!
  11. CONDTION OF PREMISES – The property you have rented is a privately-owned condominium with Sugar Ski & Country Club, HOA, acting solely as Owner’s Agent. It is rented with the Property Owner’s furniture and household furnishing or equipment. The Owner’s Agent shall not be responsible for providing any additional furnishings or equipment. Owner and Owner’s Agent shall attempt to maintain in good safe working order and all efforts will be made for timely repairs to electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating and other facilities and major appliances supplied by Owner/Agent. No Lessee incurred expenses shall be deducted from the rental fees. Properties are furnished for light housekeeping and basic needs.
  12. The onsite amenities are for the use of owners or renters of the property ONLY. Renters will have use an amenity access card which lives in your rental unit attached to the unit information book. If lost or misplaced the replacement fee for the access card is $35. Please leave the cards attached to the information book upon departure.
  13. Sugar Ski& Country Club Management will make every effort to maintain on-site amenities in good working order. However, given the difficulty in repairing such items tenant understands that agent cannot guarantee all amenities to be working properly during length of Tenants will not be entitled to refund should such a situation arise.
  14. LINENS & DEPARTURE CLEANING – Linens/towels and starter soap, toilet paper and paper towels are Please bring additional supplies for longer stays and your own laundry detergent. Daily maid service is not provided. Most units have washing machines and there is a coin operated laundry on-site. You may also swap out dirty towels, etc for $25.00. Please call the front desk to arrange a towel swap.
  15. SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Amenities, features, facilities, and bed arrangements are subject to change without notice or compensation. Changes can occur as a result of remodeling, replacement, and servicing, or mechanical
  16. NOT ALLOWED -The following are not allowed and constitute a breach of contract that will result in eviction, loss of deposit and/or rent, and possible fine and/or imprisonment: ALL UNITS ARE NON-SMOKING. Evidence of Smoking in a unit will result in a $500 charge to your credit card on Smoking is not allowed in stairwells or on unit balconies. SMOKING ONLY IN PARKING LOT AREAS OR GAZEBOS DECKS. Cooking on balcony with grills or otherwise (you can grill at various locations on property), Loud noise or music; Fireworks (illegal in North Carolina); obnoxious, dangerous, or unlawful behavior; Pets; House Parties; Campfires, Commercial use of property, Campers, tents, or RV’s; No use of the property that violates any criminal law or regulation. Exceeding published occupancy limitations; Removal of any item from the property. NO HOUSE PARTIES. The Owner’s Agent rents strictly to families and mature adults only. Absolutely No Fraternities, Sororities, or unchaperoned Youth Groups allowed. No children will be allowed to check in without their parent(s). Parents must occupy the same property as anyone under the age of 21 during the term of this agreement.
  17. AGE OF OCCUPANT – Lessee must be 21 years of age or You may be asked to send a copy of your driver’s license to confirm the rental.
  18. NO PETS. Pets are not allowed by guests in any of the rental properties. Violation of this provision will result in immediate eviction and the Reservation Deposit, Rent, Security Deposit will be forfeited
  19. If management is contacted after hours for a unit lock out, guests will be charged a minimum of $25.00. Any locksmith charges will be an additional expense to guest.
  20. LIMITED PARKING – Due to limited parking, only TWO PARKING PASSSES per unit will be Please arrange to have no more than two vehicles on premises while you are staying here at SSCC. Unidentified vehicles are subject to towing. There is no additional parking for guest visiting you while at Sugar Ski due to small parking lots.
  21. TRANSFER OF PROPERTY BY OWNER – in accordance with Section 42A-11(b)(5). IF this Rental Agreement is to end 180 days or less after recorded change of ownership, the tenant has the right to enforce this If this Rental Agreement is to end more than 180 days after the recordation, the tenant has no right to enforce the terms of this agreement unless the new owner agrees in writing to honor the agreement. The Owners Agent shall notify Lessee of the change in ownership and whether the Lessee has the right to either occupy the property or to receive a refund. Upon termination of the landlords’ interest in the property, for any reason, all advance rents shall be transferred to the new owners account, within 30 days of the change of ownership. If this Rental Agreement is to end more than 180 days after recordation, the same 180-day rule as above shall apply.
  22. THIRD PARTY AGREEMENT FUNDS – At times, this management firm will enter into third party agreements for the benefit of our Tenant will be entitled to a reimbursement of any fees paid to this management firm for goods, services, or benefits procures by the management firm from third parties for the benefit of the tenant that have not been paid out prior to cancellation
  23. SUBSTITUTION AND CANCELLATION BY OWNER – This Agency reserves the right to move any reservation should the original property booked become unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances (i.e., no longer in Rental Program, Owner’s use, act of God, ). The Owner’s Agent may provide the Lessee with substitute comparable accommodation without notice for the same period without liability, or breach of contract. If Owner’s Agent is unable to provide substitute comparable accommodations, the Owner’s Agent’s liability shall be limited to refund of rents and/or deposits. If Owners Agent locates an available unit at a higher price, tenant will be responsible for the difference in price.
  24. RIGHT OF ENTRY – Owner’s Agent, or his representative, shall have the right to enter the Property at reasonable hours for the purpose of making repairs or inspections. If the Property is listed for sale, the Lessee agrees to allow the unit to be shown by
  25. SUBLETTING OR ASSIGNMENT – Lessee cannot sublet or assign the Rental Contract without the Owner’s Agent’s written
  26. RULES, REGULATIONS, AND LAWS. Lessee agrees to adhere to the Rules, Regulations, and Laws affecting the State, City, County, Homeowner’s Association, Property, and SSCC Rentals and assumes complete responsibility for the actions of the Lessee’s guests, visitors, children, spouse, and/or
  27. LOST AND FOUND – Owner’s Agent will not be responsible for any personal items that are lost or left in the unit or on
  28. OWNER’S STORAGE – Secured storage space is reserved for the Property Owner and is not included within this
  29. NONLIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION OF OWNER’S AGENT – Lessee agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Owner’s Agent from any and all costs, expenses, legal proceedings, attorney’s fees, suits, claims, or demands whether from loss of life, damage to personal property, theft, or injury to the Lessee, Lessee’s family or guests, and/or visitors entering the Property or the building or the grounds in which the Property  is a part, including but not limited to pool, hot tub, sauna, and Jacuzzi area, tennis/basketball court and shuffleboard court, unless caused by negligent act of management firm or Lessee waives all security provisions.
  30. DEFAULT BY LESSEE – Lessee agrees that upon violation of any conditions, agreements, restrictions, covenants, and obligations of this Contract, the Owner’s Agent may terminate this Contract and enter the Property by force or statutory proceedings, in which case any and all moneys paid by the Lessee will be forfeited by the Lessee as liquidated damages in addition to, and not in lieu of any right or remedy available under
  31. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS – Signature of Lessee on Part A of this agreement affirms the lessee has read, understand and accepts the terms described in both Part A and Part B of this